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Current Needs

This capital equipment list is compiled by Barrett Hospital & HealthCare Department Managers with guidance from hospital leadership.
For more information on how you may contribute, contact Brooke Erb



At the November 2019 board meeting, $68,566.00 was approved for equipment purchases:

ARJO pressure alternating mattresses (2)  $7,368

Fetal Heart Monitor $13,398  ($10,000 provided by The Sample Foundation grant)

Ambulatory Surgery Stretcher  $15,000

Demayo Knee positioner  $13,800

Direct Vision laryngoscope  $10,000  ($5,000 provided by The Gallagher Foundation grant)

Portable Ultrasound  $9,000  ($2,500 provided by Town Pump Charitable Foundation grant) 

Barrett Hospital Storage Building  $50,000 ($25,000 provided by The Treacy Foundation Match, matched by BHF $25,000)